Supercat x Classic (Super Duty’s mom)

This buck might be the most exciting buck we have ever owned. The picture says all that needs said. If you want to make your sheep better in their chest, rounder in their rib, and add hip & power at the same time, then you better look in.

Thanks Terry Knudson for letting us purchase this awesome buck.


IMG_0241Breaking Point

Stetzin X Creole

Breaking Point adds tons of hip, rib, and bone. His first sets of lambs are hitting the ground right now and they are nothing short of impressive. This ram has the same bloodlines as Terry’s St. Elmo.




Reference Sires


puppymonkeybaby-webPuppyMonkeyBaby (deceased)

Super Steel (Viking 4179) X Super Cat.






Cotton Top X Momentum


We bought Top in Sedalia from Image Club Lambs in 2011. His name is Top for a reason. He imprints his massive top in all of his lambs along with adding lots bone and a big rack. His ewes have been some of our herd favorites.





Mudcat X Super Duty

We bought Dirty from Viking Club Lambs in 2014. We told Terry what we wanted and he did not fail us. This ram has rib, bone, mass and whole lot of style and shag to go with it. Dirty is bred with many of the same genetics as Supercat. We have seen much success in our first year of using Dirty.




Double Agent (Deceased)

Trigger X Stud Duck






IMG_0655-sizedTriple Trigger

Trigger X Triple Play

Owned by Wheeler Club Lambs. We had the opportunity to breed 15 of our ewes with Triple Trigger. He has sired several of our foundation ewes. Talk about stylish and flat out awesome mothers. His ewe lambs don’t need to be taught they have the mother instinct that is needed on those cold lambing nights. He is a half brother to the Grand Champion wether that won National Western in 2014.